Is the Organisation an Order of the Catholic Church? -No. Our members hail from different Christian denominations and the Order is an ecumenical organisation.

Are Templars Freemasons? – No, our Order is not a Masonic organisation, but we have no issues with Christian Freemasons applying for Membership.

Can a Hindu become a member? -One of the cultural aims of the Order is to represent and defend the values of the Christian civilisation. Accordingly, full membership is open to Christians. It is important to stress, though, that we consider the Christian civilisation as one among many great civilisations worthy of preservation, not one necessarily superior to all others. Accordingly, we appreciate and cherish the contribution of non-Christian friends and supporters, true companions on our road.

Is the Order an esoteric cult?  – Absolutely not. The Templar world counts hundreds of small and large organisations, ranging from gastronomic societies and university student fraternities to organisations dedicated to the study and teaching of mystical-esoteric disciplines. There are indeed esoteric sects that also claim a Templar identity, but our Order has nothing to do with that. Our Order is inspired by and based on the chivalric and spiritual-ethical aspect of Templarity.

What can the Order do for me? – Wrong question. Membership in our Order means a commitment to collaborate in the Order’s charitable efforts. Membership does not provide an opportunity for solipsistic admiration and self-glorification, in accordance with the famous Templar motto “Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam” (Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to Your Name give glory).

Who are the members of the Order? – Full membership is open to any Christian man or woman of good will and who has demonstrated a sustained and outstanding commitment to public service. This could be an honorable record in the Armed or Police forces, a distinguished career in public service or education, accomplishment in the arts and sciences, a history of dedicated volunteer work. Many of our members are in public office, including the clergy, or in the liberal professions. However, service and dedication are by no means limited to the so-called “elite.”

How can I become a member? – Membership to the Order is by Invitation or connection with member. If you feel that you satisfy our high standards then please initially contact us by email and we will be happy to speak to you further about the membership process detailed.